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At Comfort Master Inc., our commitment to customer comfort extends to every aspect of our business. From our trained and certified technicians to our helpful office staff, each member of the Comfort Master team is dedicated to making our friends and neighbors as comfortable as possible. We are proud to be one of the premier providers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in the Triangle area.

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Air Conditioning

Part of our commitment to helping our customers stay comfortable is a focus on new cooling technology, and one of the most exciting technologies available today is Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning. Ductless air conditioners are compact, can blend in with any home's decor and are built with efficient operation in mind. They are excellent choices for small houses and apartments where space is at a premium and can be a welcome addition to any home's cooling system.

Any air conditioner uses a basic refrigerant cycle to transfer heat out of your home, and ductless models are no exception. At the evaporator coil, the refrigerant chemicals absorb heat and become gaseous; at the condenser coil, intense pressure forces the refrigerant to become liquid and give off that stored heat. A fan then blows the hot air away from the building. Instead of constantly cycling on and off, however, ductless models run at variable speeds to constantly match your home's cooling requirements. This gets rid of the uncomfortable temperature changes that can sometimes come with conventional air conditioners.

Starting Out With Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Air Conditioning

Going to a professional Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating dealer means getting a professionally completed installation process from start to finish. At Comfort Master, we always conduct a full load calculation before setting up your new air conditioner instead of relying on a previous calculation. Our technicians account for square footage, layout, insulation and other factors to determine exactly how much cooling power your home requires. This allows us to choose a properly sized system that will run at maximum efficiency and endure less wear and tear than an over- or under-sized system.

The installation process itself proceeds in three stages, beginning with the outdoor unit. This section includes the condenser coil and the fan that sends unwanted heat away from your home. Next, we set up the insulated conduits that will carry liquid and gaseous refrigerant between your indoor and outdoor units. Finally, we install the indoor unit itself high on a wall in your home's main living area. This compact component can blend in seamlessly with any choice of decor. As part of our commitment to your safety, we thoroughly check every piece of the system before leaving your home.

Service and Repair

To keep running at maximum efficiency, ductless air conditioners do require some ongoing maintenance. During every service visit, we check for and correct any small, emerging problems before they can become serious issues and make small calibration adjustments to improve your system's energy efficiency. Thus, regular maintenance saves you money two ways: It reduces the risk of future repairs and cuts your monthly utility bills. To better serve our customers, we also offer annual service agreements.

Routine maintenance goes a long way towards reducing the risk of failures, but there is still some chance that your ductless air conditioner will need to be repaired. Because we take repairs very seriously, we make sure our technicians arrive on time for every visit and equip them with all of the parts and equipment they need to finish the job quickly. We also pledge to give a full estimate prior to beginning work and always leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived. Since equipment failures don't respect your schedule, our repair services are available 24/7.

At Comfort Master Inc., we take great pride in the record of excellent service that has made us a premier Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating dealer in the Triangle area.


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